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When you talk about Safety, there's no such thing as being “too safe.” Luckily, we carry many products to help you keep your Customers and Employees safe, and you too!

Many of your Employees stand in one place for most of the day. This becomes tiring on legs, feet and backs. Therefore, we offer Work Station Anti-Fatigue Mats—Economy Rubber or Premium Nitrile Rubber. And for your Customers’ safety, we offer Waterhog™ Entrance Mats that are very durable, with a “water dam” design for trapping moisture beneath shoe level, and a “gripper” backing that prevents them from sliding.

Don't forget Eye Safety! We have Safety Glasses and Goggles that protect eyes from steam, splashing, or foreign particles, and Eye Wash Stations—for when eyes come in contact with chemicals, etc. And for Cuts and Burns, we have First Aid Kits and Burn Jel® Products (not available in Canada), and Cool Jel® Products (for our Canadian customers).

For protecting hands from chemicals, etc. we have Nitrile Gloves—Disposable, Medium-weight or Heavy-weight. And to protect hands from hot irons, put one of our Insulated Iron Shields on each Iron.

We also have: Perc Detectors—for easily detecting “perc” leaks; and High Duster Kits—for keeping your racks clean and dust-free. And since it's so hot in most Dry Cleaners, we have Terry Cloth Toppers—for around your forehead, or Mira Cool™ Bandannas—with special cooling crystals for around your neck. You'll be amazed at how cool and refreshed you feel!

For your own safety, always be aware when someone enters your store. Use our Motion-Sensor Door Chime that can easily be mounted on a wall—for indoor use only, batteries included. We also have a Call Bell for your counter—customers just give it a tap or two to get your attention.
When it comes to monetary safety, never get stuck accepting a “bogus” bill. Have one of our Counterfeit Bill Detectors at your register at all times! (Sorry, it only works on US Currency!)

And we have a variety of Training Books and Videos on many Dry Cleaning related subjects.

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