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Pressing & Spotting

The “heart” of the Dry Cleaning operation is Pressing & Spotting, and we have just about everything that you need for these procedures.

The first step in the cleaning procedure is Spotting—removing spots & stains. For this operation, we have: Spotting Cleaners—Spot/Blood/Ink & Cosmetic Removers; Stain Pens; Carpet & Commercial Stick Removers; Suds™ Cleaner; and Spotting Guns, Replacement Nozzles and Hoses. But you'll also need: Water Guns—Overhead or Non-Drip; Spotting Bones/Brushes/Boards & Covers; Cheese Cloth; Dye Pencils; Collar & Cuff Scrub™; or a Black Light Stain Detector.

Once the stains have been removed and the garments are clean, you have to Press them. To help you with all stages of Pressing, we have products from Adjustable Holders to Vacuum Boards and everything in-between. We offer a variety of top-quality Irons and Mini-Boilers including: Gravity-Fed Irons with Water Bottles; Steam/Electric Irons; and All-Steam Irons. We have several different Mini-Boilers and Replacement Irons. We also have a huge selection of Accessories like: Iron Shoes; Iron Rests & Stand; Hose Protectors; Steam Diffusers; Insulated Iron Shields; Collar Posts; Ironing Board Pads, Covers and Blankets; Iron Hoses; and many Iron Replacement Parts. Other Pressing Accessories include: Pressing Cloths/Mitts/Sheets & Gloves; Cuff Clam; Tie Formers; Seam Rolls; Sleeve Expanders; Pant Holders; Flipfold®; Velvet Boards; and a selection of  Brushes for removing dust, lint and pills. We have Steamers too—Jiffy or Reliable brands—and Replacement Parts!

We stock Shirt Unit Pads and Covers and Steel Base & Silicone Rubber Pads for most name-brand machines and a variety of Lab Test® and Wrap-A-Press™ Insulated Head Covers; Sleeve Boards/Pads & Covers; Cindy Lou-Type Covers; Pleat Holders & Pads; Pant Topper Bags and Paddle Covers; Puff Iron Pads & Covers and Form Finishing Pads. And we have our SuperFAST™ Utility, Legger & Hot Head Press Pads and Utility & Legger Grid Plates. For cleaning the machines, we have: EZ-Off®; Hot Melt®; Clena-Form #5; Cool Off® and Hot Head Cleaning Poles, Mitts and Heat-Resistant Gloves.

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