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If you're looking for a way to increase your profits, then look at our Counter Sales Items. We feature a full line of restora® and evercare® products such as: Collar Expanders; Collar Stays; Fuzz Removal Combs; Fuzz Removal Bricks; Car Hanger Holders and of course the ever-popular Lint Removers, including: Mini, Regular, Giant and Large Surface Lint Removers. And for customers with Polo Shirts whose collars curl up, try our Collar Styx™! Simply apply these peel-n-stick adhesive stays to the underside of your collars and they will lay perfectly flat.

When it comes to advertising your Location, Available Services, “Specials,” or your Hours of Operation, we have a wide selection of signs and posters. We have Sidewalk Signs—2-sided, stationary or on wheels; Neon-like Electric Signs—advertising your Hours and Services offered; Posters—22”x28” in full-color—and clear Acrylic Frames to display them in; Static Cling Signs—that cling to the inside of your windows and can easily be peeled off and re-positioned; Low-Tac Signs—that also cling to your windows and are visible from both sides and can be easily peeled off and moved; or Static Cling Hours Sings—just write in your hours of operation.

How about a beautiful Custom Printed Floor Mat? This is one of the first things your customers will see upon entering your business! We can print your Logo, or anything you would like, on these mats, and there are never any shipping charges, plate set-up fees and no charge for artwork. And if you're having trouble creating a logo, we have an excellent Graphic Arts Department that will gladly help you design one. These Custom Printed Floor Mats feature 100% premium rubber backing with long-wearing, static-dissipative Nylon that ensures years of wear-and-tear. They are available in 3 popular sizes--3'x5', 4'x6' or 3'x10'--and 24 vibrant colors to choose from. Call 1-800-224-5239 for further details and ordering information.

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