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When it comes to Lint Removers we have many kinds and sizes to choose from. We have Commercial Lint Removers—for use in your business—12 Rolls & One Handle or 12 Rolls with No Handles;  evercare® and restora® Retail Lint Removers—to sell to your customers and increase your profits—12 Rolls w/12 Handles—two versions, with or without a Display; 12 Rolls w/No Handles—also two versions, with or without a Display; and we carry “Thank You” Lint Remover Bags—for giving a complimentary Lint Remover to your customers.


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What about a GIANT Lint Remover? They have extra-wide rolls giving them 40% more surface coverage per sheet, and are 51% stickier than before. They are available 6 Rolls with 6 Handles or 6 Rolls with no handles, 60 layers per roll. We even carry Large Surface Lint Removers that are ideal for blankets or large coats. You get 1 Roll—with 25 layers and a 3' Extendable Handle and a standard size handle. And when your first roll is used up, we have Replacement Rolls—3 per box, 50 layers per Roll.

Besides Lint Removers we carry a full line of Brushes, Combs and Gloves for removing lint or raising nap on garments. Our Lint & Nap Brush has Brass wire in the center with an outer row of horse hair bristles, and is excellent for Suedes and Sweaters. How about a top-grade Whisk Broom? Keep one at your pressing station for last-minute dust or lint removal. Or our 2-Sided Lint Brush that removes lint, dust, dandruff, pet hair and more, and is safe for use on all fine fabrics. We also have Coat Brushes with Nylon, Horse Hair or Brass Bristles for raising nap or removing lint. Our Fabric Comb has a special blade that is ideal for removing “pills” on Wool, Polyester, Cashmere or Spandex.And our Grabber™ Glove has one side for lint removal and the other side is for removing “pills”, and it's machine washable!