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If you operate a Coin Laundry, we have many products that will save you money and help you run a successful business.

It all begins with the Check In Procedure, when customers drop off their laundry. Products you will need are: Tags & Invoices:  Dry Cleaning Piece Tags; Shirt Piece Tags; Dry Cleaning & Shirt Invoices--with Tags attached; 3-Part NCR Invoices; Custom Printed Invoices; and Thermal Receipt Rolls--for your Computers and Credit Card Machines. For attaching tags to garments, you will need either: Safety Pins, Staple Guns & Staples or a Dennison® Fine Fabric Gun. You will also need Counter Accessories like: Indelible Ink Pens; Counter Call Bells; Invoice Spindles; and Counterfeit Bill Detectors (US currency only.) And we can't forget Instruction Tags--for those garments needing special attention.

For Pressing & Spotting procedures, we offer: Collar & Cuff Scrub™; Professional Starch/Sizing; Water Guns & Accessories; Irons & Accessories; Garment Tape & Dispenser; Stain Stickers; Safe & Secure™ Bags; and for last-minute touch-ups, you'll need a Lint Brush or Lint Removers.
The most-used items you will need are Bags & accessories, such as: Counter Bags & Laundry Bags--both are available Custom Printed; Laundry Bag Holders; Laundry Net Pins; Mesh Counter and Laundry Bags; and Zip Net Bags.

You'll also need various Carts & Racks, such as: R&B Wire Carts; Liners, Covers & Wheels for Laundry Carts; Counter Racks; Rolling Collapsible and “Z” Racks; Hanger Racks; 1- and 3-Roll Baggers--for rolls of Poly; or Basket Scales--Analog or Digital. And for keeping garments separated and organized on conveyors, you'll need Rack Dividers.

For Packaging & Storage, we offer: Foamies®--to prevent garments from slipping off hangers; Shoulder Guards; Garment Covers; Plastic Clips; Flipfold®--for ease in folding shirts & more; Shirt Bags--clear plastic; “One Item” Stickers and Breathable Blanket/Comforter Bags.

Most importantly, we offer signs for advertising your hours and services.  We have: Neon-Like Electric Signs; Sidewalk Signs and Static Cling Signs.

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