Million Dollar Collar® 100 Pack

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Million Dollar Collar® 100 Pack
Million Dollar Collar's patented placket reinforcement technology takes the concept of a collar stay and puts it in the placket - the true focal point of a dress shirt. By reinforcing the placket, more attention is drawn up to your face giving you a sharper, more polished appearance. You can wash, dry, iron, launder and dry clean. It takes 10 minutes to install. 1. Using a seam ripper, open the hem where the collar cand meets the planket - about 1". 2. In the opening just created, slide the stay down in between the layers of the placket on the outer edge. #. Re-sew the seam through the stay - securing it in place. For best results, match original thread and stitch pattern. (Repeat on other side.)

Product: Million Dollar Collar® 100 Pack
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Brand: Million Dollar Collar®
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