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Steam Trap United #850 w/Strainer 1/2" Instructions

Steam Trap United #850 w/Strainer 1/2"
For use on any return line from steam-operated equipment, this rugged cast-iron 1/2" Steam Trap features an inverted bucket, which efficiently traps steam for reuse in the equipment. The Trap allows for condensate to be returned to the boiler. This Trap also features a built-in stainless steel strainer for trapping dirt and resin in the water, and a brass plug for easy clean-out. Top quality, manufactured in the United States, this Steam Trap will outperform and last longer than foreign traps.

Product: Steam Trap United #850 w/Strainer 1/2"
Stock #: STE2
Brand: United Brass Works
Unit: Each
List Price: $75.74
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