Mesh Bags for Laundry


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When it comes to dry cleaning and laundering, Mesh Bags are an absolute essential! At Cleaner’s Supply, we’ve got all the Mesh Bags and Bag Pins that you need in one place. Group certain items together or prevent garments from getting snagged or tangled in your machine using one of our heavy-duty Open-Mesh Bags. These open-net laundry bags have extra-strong construction to reduce the chance of fraying over time. They're available with a drawstring closure or open top. For Open-Top Bags, we also carry Bag Pins and Clips to ensure that your bags stay securely closed. Our Fine Mesh Bags have a finer mesh with smaller holes. Fine Mesh Bags are the ideal choice for protecting delicate fabrics and decorative pieces during the cleaning and drying cycles. All of our Mesh Laundry Bags are built to withstand cleaning, drying, and repeated use. Mesh Bags are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small bags to hold ties and accessories to large mesh bags for gowns. Browse all of our available Mesh Bags here to find the style that you're looking for.