Plastic Fasteners


Lightweight Plastic Fasteners And Plastic Tagging Guns Make Tagging Simple.

Fasten tags to garments quickly and easily with Plastic Fasteners from Cleaner's Supply. These lightweight, flexible fasteners are a simple and safe way to tag garments that’s even gentle enough to use on more delicate fabrics. Plastic Fasteners are ideal for tagging a variety of fabrics, including fine or delicate fabrics, without leaving behind a mark. We carry a variety of plastic fasteners, fastener tagging guns, and replacement tagging gun needles and parts. Plastic Fasteners are even available in multiple colors, so you can color code garments by route, store, or days of the week. Some (but not all) of our Plastic Fasteners are heat-resistant and safe to use on a hot head—be sure to use one of our heat-resistant styles if you intend to press a garment with a plastic fastener attached. Shop all of our Plastic Fasteners, tagging guns, and replacement needles here to find everything you need to tag fabrics.