Tissue Paper


Shop Garment Tissue Paper At Cleaner’s Supply.

Add a professional finishing touch when you package your product with Tissue Paper from Cleaner’s Supply. Ideal for packing paper shirt bags and gown boxes or stuffing garments, our Tissue Paper is available in several grades for different uses. Stuffing-Grade Tissue Paper is our most economical option. It’s slightly coarser, and the colors are less bright—it’s the perfect choice for stuffing shirts and coat sleeves to help them hold their shape. For long-term garment storage, Acid-Free tissue paper is a great choice. This preservation-grade tissue paper is acid-neutral and ideal for long-term garment storage like wedding gown preservation. Our highest grade tissue paper is Premium-Grade Tissue Paper. It features a crisp, vibrant color and is available with several options of contemporary printed designs. Shop all Tissue Paper here to find the perfect finishing touch for your garment packaging.