Shirt Tag Invoices


All-In-One Invoice Tags Make Shirt Orders A Breeze.

Make tagging and billing easier than ever with Shirt Tag Invoices from Cleaner's Supply. These all-in-one tags provide you with a 2-part or 3-part invoice and 8 perforated tags in each pad. Each pad is sequentially numbered, and both the invoice and tag pieces are labeled with the same bold, legible number. This way, you can tag up to 8 shirts in a bundle without any need to tag the invoice—with Shirt Invoice Tags, everything you need is already in one place. Choose from 2-part and 3-part invoices and a variety of colors to organize your shirt orders quickly and easily. Shirt Tag Invoices can also be custom-printed with your business logo. Or, choose a blank invoice with plenty of room to stamp your business name. Shop Shirt Tag Invoices right here to get started with this handy all-in-one tagging system.