What Today's Dry Cleaning Consumers and Dry Cleaners Are Thinking



Back in the beginning of the pandemic, nearly everyone I spoke to in the industry was asking the same two questions: What would happen to dry cleaning, and what were other dry cleaner owners seeing and doing within their business?

And to be quite honest, I don’t think there were any clear answers to either of these questions. But it really got me thinking about something I always had in the back of my mind, which was why didn’t the dry cleaning industry have any good market research data available? If you think about other businesses out there like restaurants, bars, and retail just to name a few, they all have great market data available—but the dry cleaning industry really did not.

So, during the pandemic in 2020, we commissioned our first research study on dry cleaning consumers to get a better understanding of what they were thinking about dry cleaning, and maybe (in some very small way) help the industry with this insight. But when we finished that first study, we realized there were a lot of other questions that didn’t get answered. Not only from the consumer side, but also from understanding what dry cleaners were doing with their business. As a result we realize this could also be beneficial for others.

With that, I’m happy to present the all New 2023 research studies conducted with 1,000 dry cleaning consumers and 924 dry cleaner owners. On the consumer study the consumer had to indicate that they were using a dry cleaner weeky to several times a month. This study was intended to focus on those customers who represent 80% of your business.

More than anything our goal was that hopefully there’s something in these reports that will benefit your business. If that happens, we’ll consider it a success.

Jeff Schapiro