Garment Tapes


Safely Mark Garments With Garment Marking Tape.

Highlighting problem areas on a garment is easier than ever with Garment Tape from Cleaner’s Supply. Available in several easily visible colors, this garment marking tape is ideal for identifying stains or areas on a garment that need repairs or re-pressing. These brightly-colored tapes are sure to catch your employees’ attention so they can ensure all the necessary work gets done. With multiple tape colors, it’s also easy to create a color-coded system for different garment treatments needed. The tape tears easily on its own, or try using it with a Garment Tape Dispenser for added convenience. Our Garment Tape Dispensers are sold separately and can hold up to 9 rolls of garment tape. To use the Garment Tape safely, remove any remaining tape before cleaning and avoid using Garment Tape on velvet, velour, suede, leather, or silk.