Sweater Bricks


Sweater Fuzz Removers That You and Your Customers Will Love.

Sweater Bricks are a super handy fuzz removal tool that both you and your customers will love. These handy tools remove pilling and fuzz from sweaters and other soft clothing with ease. Use these handy fuzz removal tools in-store or offer them as resale counter products to help your customers maintain their garments. Sweater Bricks are available in packs of 3 for use in your business, or individually packaged for resale. Resale Sweater Bricks come packaged in an attractive display box or ready for use with a display rack. Whether you’re looking for a sweater brick for yourself, your customers, or both, Restora Fuzz Removal Bricks are a perfect choice—browse all of our Sweater Bricks on this page to shop this popular tool.