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Hanger Tags, Stain Stickers, Instruction Tags, And More Tags For Your Business.

At Cleaner’s Supply, we carry more than just dry cleaning tags: we’ve got all the tags you need for your dry cleaning or laundry business. Check out our selection of Miscellaneous Tags to find any other tags you might be looking for. Choose from Hanger Tags, Instruction Tags, and more assorted tags. Our Hanger Tags are quality-printed tags that hang on a garment hanger to send a message to your customers and complete a finished garment. Or try out our Instruction Tags to easily add a custom note or instructions to a garment for your employees. Choose from these tags and a wide variety of other tags for laundry and dry cleaning, including net tags, stain stickers, Thermopatch replacement rolls, and many more. Shop all of our Miscellaneous Tags here to find a dry cleaning or laundry tag for every situation.