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It all started in the basement.

The dry cleaning business isn't easy, but ordering your supplies should be.


I know what it’s like to own a dry cleaners, and it’s tough work. From equipment breaking down to all the things that go along with running the day to day, I always thought that ordering supplies should be the easiest part. But it wasn’t always like that. Deliveries could be inconsistent, items weren’t always in-stock, the prices were high and they seemed to go up every year. And of course, with no published pricing, there was a total lack of transparency. The price you would pay one time for a product, might be totally different than what you would pay another time.

I figured that there had to be others that were as frustrated as I was, so I started selling supplies direct. This was a whole new way of doing things. We set out to give the best possible price, ship orders fast, and focus on taking care of customers the same way we’d expect to be taken care of ourselves.

So out of the basement of my dry cleaners in Upstate New York, Cleaner’s Supply was born. We may not be in the basement anymore, but we’re as devoted as ever to providing you with the products, prices, and service you need to run your business.


Jeff Schapiro

Cleaner's Supply Warehouse Shipping Late Into The Night

We work late in the night to make sure that your orders are shipped the same day.

We are dedicated to getting you your products fast. Any orders placed before 4 pm are shipped the same day.

Big Time Service with Small Town Values.

People hear we’re from NY and think the Big City, we are far from that. Heck, there’s only 5,441 people in our town. You get small town service from our friendly dedicated people.

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With every Cleaner’s Supply product you get our attention to detail. We are constantly looking for ways to make our products better and hold up to everything you put them through, day after day.

Cleaner's Supply SuperFAST Press Pads
Dry Cleaning Tag with Safety Pin on Garment
Black String with Matching Cord Lock Hides Dirt on Laundry Bags
Cleaner's Supply Heavy Starch Green Instruction Tag


We’re committed to making your job easier and finding better solutions for you. Whether that’s offering Comforter Bags in a variety of colors to creating an Iron with a better grip.

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