Ironing Board Press Pads & Covers

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Ironing Board Covers And Pads For A Smooth Ironing Surface.

Cleaner’s Supply Ironing Board Covers and Pads are designed for durability and extended life. They’re compatible with most self-contained vacuum and ironing boards. With thick, resilient padding that has just the right amount of “give,” our Ironing Board Pads provide the perfect ironing surface for a nice, crisp press. Choose from several styles of Ironing Board Pads and Covers, including Vacuum Board Covers and Pads, High-Temp Covers, Reflective Covers, Heavy-Duty Covers, and more. Our Hi-Temp Covers are made to withstand the high temperatures of electric irons, and Reflective Covers are scorch-resistant and help radiate heat for a thorough press. We also offer several helpful accessories for ironing boards, including Cover Fasteners, Ironing Blankets, Catch Tray Covers, and more. Browse all of our Ironing Board Pads and Covers here to find what you need for a perfectly pressed finish.