Shoulder Guards


Garments Look Their Best On The Hanger With Shoulder Guards.

Customers appreciate it when you take the time to pay attention to the details. Give their garments that little bit of extra attention with Shoulder Guards from Cleaner’s Supply. Using Shoulder Guards, even a standard wire hanger can make your garments look amazing. Hanger Shoulder Guards prevent garments from creasing where they sit on the hanger and help maintain the garment's shape for a crisp appearance. Simply snap on a Plastic Shoulder Guard or place a paperboard Shoulder Guard in place to use these convenient hanger guards. Choose from several styles of Shoulder Guards, including standard, fold & staple, cover-all, narrow, hanger extenders, Kwik Guards, and more styles. Shoulder Guards are available in paperboard, foam, and plastic. Browse all of our available Shoulder Guards here for a quick and easy way to ensure neatness that your customers will notice.