Shirt Piece Tags


Cut Down On Wasted Tags With Dry Cleaning Shirt Piece Tags.

Keep track of all the shirts in your customers' orders and cut down on wasted tags using Shirt Piece Tags from Cleaner’s Supply. Each tag has a number from 1-10 that shows the number of shirts in a bundle. The tag sheet contains enough tags for that number of garments, plus one remaining tag to keep with the invoice. Shirt Piece Tags are the perfect size for folding through a buttonhole. Choose from several colors and styles of tags, so you can organize orders by day, route, store, or another organizational system of your choosing. These cleaning tags are printed with exclusive ClearType technology that ensures all the printed text on the tag is crisp, legible, and long-lasting. Shop all of our styles of Shirt Piece Tags here to get started with a tagging system that helps you save money.