Heat Seals


Heat Seal Labels For Clothing Tagging And Easy Tracking.

Keeping track of garments in your production line is as easy as a quick scan of a barcode with Heat Seals from Cleaner’s Supply. These heat seal labels and heat seal machines help you quickly and easily tag garments and track them in your system without the need to fill out tags by hand. Heat Seal Labels are made of coated nylon that’s designed to withstand all cleaning processes. They come in rolls of 1,000 tags per roll and are available in several colors and sizes. Choose from standard heat seals or tacky-backed heat seals for extra convenience. They’re also available with custom printing, so you can set up your tags however you like. We also carry quality Heat Seal Machines to quickly and securely fasten Heat Seal Labels, as well as replacement parts to keep your heat seal machine in top condition.