Staples & Staplers


Fasten Tags With Heavy Duty Staples And Staplers.

Fasten tags securely to heavy-duty fabrics using Staples & Staplers from Cleaner’s Supply. Ideal for heavy fabrics and tough materials, Staples & Staplers are the perfect choice for fastening tags to bags. Our Staples & Staplers have a strong grip, secure hold, and powerful puncturing ability. Choose from a variety of heavy-duty staples and staplers to get the job done. Plus, staples can be easily and safely removed using one of our Staple Removers. We’ve got all the top brands of staples, staplers, and removers, including Bostitch Staples, Arrow Staples, our own Cleaner’s Supply Staples, and more. Browse all of our available staples, staplers, and staple removers here to make tagging easy and super secure.