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Commercial Laundry Carts Move Heavy Loads Easily.

No laundry load is too big to move with Laundry Carts from Cleaner’s Supply. Whether you’re looking for Laundry Carts for your laundromat, dry cleaning facility, or commercial laundry service, we’ve got a durable Laundry Cart that’s up for the job. Choose from Damp Boxes, Vinyl Carts, and Wire Basket Carts to find the ideal carts for your business. Damp Boxes help garments maintain the right moisture level while moving from washing to pressing. Vinyl Carts are super durable and great for moving heavy laundry loads, making them ideal for high-volume dry cleaning or laundry services. Our heavy-duty Wire Basket Laundry Carts are smaller, rugged carts built to withstand everyday use. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for laundromats as well as wash and fold or dry cleaning. See all of our reliable, built-to-last Laundry Carts right here to choose the best option for your business.