Lint Brushes & Lint Combs


Suede Brushes, Coat Brushes, Lint Combs And Even More Lint Brushes & Combs.

Pristine fabrics are just a quick brush away with Lint Brushes and Combs from Cleaner's Supply. These brushes and combs are ideal for quickly removing lint, dirt, hair, and pilling from garments. Choose from a wide selection of brushes and combs suited to different fabrics and uses, including Coat Brushes, Lint Brushes, Pill Removers, Fuzz Removers, Sweater Combs, Fabric Combs, Suede Brushes, and more. Coat Brushes are super handy because they’re able to remove more than what is on the surface of heavy fabric, and can even be used to raise the nap on pile fabrics. For fuzzy fabrics like sweaters, try specially designed Pill Removers or Sweater Combs to remove fuzz and pilling. We even offer Garment Brushes that are fine enough to brush velvet without streaking. Shop these and even more Lint Brushes & Combs here to see all of our must-have tools for creating that flawless finish on your customers’ items.