Counter & Laundry Bag Holders


Laundry Bag Holders Keep Your Bag Always In Reach.

Keep your workspace organized and laundry bags always within reach using Bag Holders from Cleaner’s Supply. Whether you need a place to store empty counter bags or an easy way to access laundry bags while you work, we’ve got a bag holder for you. To store counter bags in a convenient location, try out one of our wall-mounted or under-the-counter Bag Racks. These racks can hold up to 25 counter bags and are the perfect way to keep empty bags in an easily accessible spot. If you’re using a laundry bag and need a way to keep it open and in place, our Bag Holders are the ideal solution. Use a Bag Holder while you work to hold a laundry bag open so you can put in or take out garments quickly and without any hassle. Bag Holders are available with or without wheels so your bag is always right where you need it. Shop all of our Bag Holders & Racks right here to get started with your next bag storage solution.