Pressing & Spotting Sleeve Expanders


Sleeve Expanders For A Sleeker Sleeve Finish.

Now you can make your sleeves even sleeker with Sleeve Expanders from Cleaner’s Supply. Available in plastic, wood, or metal, these Sleeve Expanders, Cuff Forms, and Sleever Pads are just what you need to ensure a professionally pressed finish on all of your garment sleeves. Our Wooden Sleeve Expanders are ideal for use on your pressing machine. Or try a Metal Sleeve Expander for your Suzie and Steam Tunnel. Cuff Clams are excellent for holding cuffs open on a Suzie or at a pressing station, and Sleever Pads can be used on an ironing table or pressing machine for final touch-ups. Browse all of our Sleeve Expanders here to find the best option for you—your sleeves will have never looked so crisp!