Dry Clean Piece Tags


Dry Cleaning Piece Tags Prevent Wasted Tags.

Keep garments organized and ensure you have exactly as many tags as you need with our Dry Cleaning Piece Tags from Cleaner’s Supply. With the Piece Tagging System, there’s no need for wasted tags. To use this system, order the #1-#10 tags in your preferred style and color. Then, when a customer brings in an order, you can select the appropriate tags for the corresponding number of garments—so if a customer brings in 2 garments, choose the #2 tag to have two tag pieces plus one master tag for the invoice. With this system, you only use as many tags as you need, so there’s no need to discard excess tags. This is a great way to cut down on wasted tags. Piece Tags are available in several colors and styles so you can keep garments separated by day, route, store, or another system of your choosing.