Dry Clean Pad Tags


Stay Organized With Dry Cleaning Tag Pads.

Dry Cleaning Pad Tags make it easy to tag and keep track of multiple garments in an order. Each pad contains enough tags for a bundle of your choice of 1-10 garments, with one extra tag for the invoice. The number of garments in the bundle is displayed with a bold number on each tag. Conveniently stitched together for ease of use, these high-quality tags are durable and easy to use. Insert them easily through a buttonhole, belt loop, or fabric label, then staple or fasten the ends together for easy tagging that can withstand the cleaning cycle. Our Dry Cleaning Tags are made of wet-strength paper that holds up well during the cleaning process. The notched sides make it extra easy to find the halfway point on the tag, and when folded through a buttonhole, the tag will automatically stop when it’s in the right place. Tags are available in several colors so you can sort orders by day of the week, store, route, or another system of your choosing.