7 & 9 Up Shirt Tags


Organize Up To 8 Shirts In An Order With 7 & 9 Up Shirt Tags.

Keep shirts bundled together and organized using 7 & 9-Up Shirt Tags from Cleaner’s Supply. These numbered shirt tags come as a single tag with 7 or 9 perforated strips that can be easily separated. Using these numbered tags, you can tag up to 6 or 8 shirts with one tag remaining to attach to your invoice. Shirt Tags are the perfect size to fold through a buttonhole and can be stapled or fastened to stay in place. All of our 7 Up & 9 Up Shirt Tags are printed with ClearType technology that embeds the ink onto the paper, producing crisp, bold, easy-to-read numbers that will last extra long and withstand various cleaning methods. Shop 7-Up and 9-Up Shirt Tags for an easy-to-use system that helps you make sure all of your customers’ shirts make it back to them.