Rolling Garment Racks


Save Space In Your Store With Rolling Garment Racks.

When it comes to storing garments, choose the garment racks that save you space: Rolling Garment Racks. Cleaner’s Supply Rolling Garment Racks glide across the floor so you can keep customers’ orders right where you need them without losing valuable floor space in your store. Z-Racks feature an innovative “Z”-shaped design that allows them to nest together while not in use, minimizing the amount of space needed. Or, choose Collapsible Rolling Racks for those times you only need temporary storage. These sturdy garment racks assemble and collapse easily without the need for tools so you can store them away when not in use. They're super easy to use--but don't underestimate them! All of our Rolling Garment Racks are sturdy enough to support all the garments that fit on the rack. Browse all Rolling Garment Racks here to get the extra rack space you need without sacrificing too much storage space.