Dry Cleaners Check-In Supplies

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Laundry Markers, Button Covers, Garment Marking Tape, and More Check-In SUPPLIES.

Garment check-in moves quickly when you've got everything you need behind the counter. That's why, at Cleaner's Supply, we have all the Check-In Products you need to make sure that prepping your customers' garments for cleaning has never been easier. Fill out dry cleaning tags or customer information with our permanent Pens and Markers, and draw attention to any special requirements or problem areas on a garment with Garment Tape or Identification Stickers. Protect buttons on a garment with Button Covers to ensure they stay safe. Items left behind in pockets? No worries—leave your customers' possessions in one of our Safe & Secure Bags so they can be sure their items are accounted for. Easily make transactions with invoice holders, gift certificate books, and other counter items. And of course, make sure your counter area is up to par with entrance mats, call bells, door chimes, and more. Browse these and many more Check-In Products here to find everything you need to ensure check-in is a breeze.