Dry Cleaner Packaging Products


Shoe Bags, Drapery Bands, Pillow Bags, And Even More Packaging Products.

 Looking for even more Packaging Products from Cleaner’s Supply? You’re in the right place. We’ve got all the products you need to take your packaging to the next level. Add a special touch to show customers you care with “Expertly Cleaned With Care” Stickers or refine your jacket presentation with Pocket Handkerchiefs, Jacket Holders, and Coat Retainers. If you’re processing pillows, keep them clean with breathable Pillow Bags. Working with drapery? Keep drapes together using Drapery Bands. Or, protect shoes with Shoe Bags. Help dresses and gowns hold their shape with Bust Forms and prevent long garments from dragging using a Bottom Bag Closure. Use Laundry Wrap to keep clean laundry and linens fresh. Or check out other, more general-use packaging products like Twine and Storage Boxes for other packaging uses. See all of our additional Packaging Products here to perfect your packaging.