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Steam Irons, Iron Shoes, Steamers, and More Irons & Accessories.

For a workflow that’s as smooth and wrinkle-free as your work itself, check out Irons and Iron Accessories from Cleaner’s Supply. Our top-quality Irons and Iron Accessories will help you make sure that your work is both flawless and efficient. Choose from our selection of professional-grade Irons, including All-Steam, Lowboy, Gravity-Fed, and standard Irons to make sure your pressers have the best equipment at their disposal. Ensure that your Ironing setup is safe and efficient using Iron Hoses and Protectors, and get the most out of your Irons with our Iron Accessories. We also offer commercial Steamers ideal for drop shops and smaller locations. Shop all Irons & Accessories here to find everything you need for a top-quality pressing finish.