Puff Iron Press Pads & Covers


Protect Your Pressers And Their Work With Puff Iron Pads & Covers.

Make sure that garments are well-protected when you’re using a puff iron with Puff Iron Pads & Covers from Cleaner’s Supply. Whether you’re working with delicate fabrics, finishing hard-to-reach areas, or just adding some final touches, our Puff Iron Covers will help you achieve your best press. Choose from Puff Iron Pads for several styles of puff iron, including Ladies’ Shoulder, Men’s Shoulder, Mushroom, Egg, and Sleever. We also offer Puff Neck Covers that fit around the necks of puff irons and protect your pressers’ hands. Browse all of our Puff Iron Pads and Covers here to find what you need to complete your pressing station.