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What are the advantages and disadvantages to using the 7-Up Shirt Tag System (UP7_/SUP7_)?

These tags provide a cheap alternative to the Shirt Piece Tag System. They still offer the same crisp clear print, tapered ends, and wet strength paper which allows for accurate sorting of orders and easy tagging of clothes. They come in two separate styles to help distinguish between different routes or different stores. These are available in 10 colors to distinguish between different days. They are easy to use. The control number gets attached to the invoice, alerting the counter person to how many articles of clothing go with that order. The other tags are then attached to the articles of clothing, with any extra tags being thrown out. The main disadvantage is that they will be more wasted tags, as the tagger is throwing away what they can not use. The other disadvantage is that the 7-Up Shirt Tag System typically allows for tagging up to 6 articles of clothing per order. For orders where more than 6 articles are brought in a whole new strip would need to be used, which may cause more confusion and more wasted tags.