Laundromat Scales


Accurately Weigh Laundry With Laundry Scales From Cleaner’s Supply.

No matter the size of your laundry load, Cleaner’s Supply has a Laundry Scale that’ll help you accurately weigh it. Be sure not to overload your washing machines by weighing garments first using our Polymer Basket Scales. These heavy-duty scales are easy to clean and perfect for large quantities of garments. For smaller quantities of garments, an Analog Scale is also an excellent choice. To weigh laundry more precisely, try our Legal Trade Digital Scales. They’re US Weights and Measures approved and legal for trade, making these the ideal choice for Wash and Fold or other services that charge by weight. See all of our available Laundry Scales and accessories here to find the perfect tool to help you get an accurate read on your workload.