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Quality Pressing Irons For Every Cleaner, From Commercial To Domestic.

Impress your Wash and Fold customers with the quality of your work using a high-quality Iron from Cleaner’s Supply for all of your garment pressing. We offer only the best All-Steam and Lowboy Irons, Gravity-Fed Irons, Mini-Boiler Irons, and Standard Irons to help you press garments quickly and efficiently. For large quantities of ironing, try industrial All-Steam Irons or Lowboy Irons to use with boiler-generated steam or a Lowboy. Or, find the perfect self-contained ironing system with a Mini-Boiler Iron or Gravity-Fed Iron—they're a great choice for laundromats, drop shops, and more. For touch-ups and smaller numbers of garments, we also offer high-quality Standard Irons. Browse all Cleaner’s Supply Irons here to find the best option for your pressing setup.