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1.   How do I make a zipper shorter?
2.   What is “mercerized” cotton thread (CTD1)?
3.   What does YKK stand for?
4.   What is the difference between regular buttons and “super strong” buttons?
5.   Why are thread weights sometimes listed in pounds (#) and other times listed as a fraction?
6.   What is Hook and Loop Fastener” (VO1_) used for?
7.   Does Cleaner’s Supply ® carry all of the thread shown in the Gutermann® Thread Chart (GTDCA)?
8.   Can a metal zipper slider be used to replace a plastic zipper slider, or vice versa?
9.   Can the Gutermann thread (GTD) be used on a home machine?
10.   Are the 2-way zippers a “separating” zipper?
11.   When sizing sewing machine needles (MNR, MNB), how do you know which needle would be thicker and what would be thinner?
12.   Are the Felt Shirt Backers (FE1) sewn on or are they ironed on?
13.   Is the Sobo Glue (SO1) washable?
14.   How can I tell if the machine needles that I bought from you are ballpoint needles (MNB-)
15.   Why were color enameled zippers discontinued from the catalog?
16.   Do the 2-Way Jacket Sliders (ZS52N_) replace both sliders found on a 2-Way Jacket Zipper?
17.   Why are there 2- different styles of plastic jacket zippers (MZ_) and sliders (ZS5N_, ZS10N_)?
18.   Are the Gutermann Thread (GTD_) numbers universal?
19.   How do I determine what size a replacement slider should be?
20.   Why do the bobbins (BOB_) come with oil on them?
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