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21.   How do you clean the Static Cling (CLI_) signs?
22.   What is the weight capacity for the rail supports (RP20)?
23.   Why would debris be falling off from a conveyor?
24.   Do you sell the casters/ wheels separately for the Z-Rack (RA8) and the Collapsible Rack (RA10)?
25.   How do you insert the wheels into the Rolling Utility Cart (RA5) so that they don’t fall out?
26.   How do you replace the bulbs in the Neon- like Electric Signs (SI_)?
27.   Does the pipe insulation (INS_) come with “butt strips”?
28.   Does the Door Chime (ELC1) have a separate sensing unit?
29.   Where do you spray the Anti-Friction Conveyor spray (AF1)?
30.   How long will the Mira Cool (MIRA1) last?
31.   Where can I buy the printers for the ribbons that you carry (RIB)?
32.   How do I know which size pipe insulation will fit my pipe?
33.   Can you flip the base of your Z-rack (RA8) so the base would look like a backward “z” as opposed to a regular “z”?
34.   What are most people using for slick rails?
35.   Where would you install the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2)?
36.   What could be some reasons the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2) isn’t working?
37.   What is the life expectancy on the Out Door Swinging Sign (SI100)?
38.   If ordering the pipe insulation (INS), I realize that I need the inside pipe diameter. What do I do if I don’t know what the outside or inside pipe diameter is?
39.   Why isn’t my Infrared Door Chime (ELC2) picking up a signal after a certain point?
40.   Can we use the Pipe Insulation (INS) you carry if we have condensate on the outside of our pipes?
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