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41.   Does the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2) have an On/ Off Switch?
42.   What is the warranty on the Replacement Basket Scales (SCA3)?
43.   How do you change the sound of the chime on the Infrared Door Chime (ELC2) from a “ding” to a “ding dong”?
44.   Will your Static Cling Signs fade in direct sunlight (CLI-)?
45.   What types of pipes are used for slick rails?
46.   Can you use the Replacement Tape for Polymark Machines (RPT) with an iron only and not the Polymark Machines?
47.   How do you put the Elbow and “T” pipe insulation (INS) on the pipes?
48.   Does the Poster Frame (FP1) come with a chain?
49.   What is the life expectancy on the thermal paper?
50.   How many hangers will fit in an individual Hanger Holder Box (HH1)?
51.   How much weight will the Door Hanger Hook (DHH1) hold?
52.   How do you measure for the Slick Rail Covers (SRC)?
53.   What’s the weight capacity on the casters (WHL-)?
54.   What is the opening on the Rail Supports (RP20)?
55.   On your Infrared Door Chime (ELC2), does the unit over the door (transmitter) chime?
56.   Is there a way to get my Z-Rack (RA-8) level?
57.   How many transmitters (ELC3) can a receiver transmit to?
58.   Do you carry pipe insulation for copper pipes?
59.   Why is the Infrared Door Chime Receiver (ELC2, ELC3) not working well?
60.   Does the Bagger Garment cover Tray (RA18) and the Bagger Tissue Rack (RA19) works on both style Combined Baggers (RA6 and RA600)?
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