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41.   How many gallons of water does it take to fill our (JIF1) Jiffy Steamer?
42.   How do you install the Rolled Goods (PP31, PP32, and PP33) on the Cuff and Collar Machines?
43.   Why is my new press pad retaining moisture- but when I reinstall my old press pad the water isn’t retained.
44.   Do you need to order both the Ironing Board 50oz. Flannel (PP106) and the Ironing Board Cotton Padding (PP107) for the Cissell Vacuum Boards?
45.   Will The Nomex Grid Plates (GPN-) pick up lint or cause static?
46.   Why would a new press pad retain water when the old one wasn’t?
47.   How do you use the Velvet Board (VB1)?
48.   Where can I find the wrench that comes with the Jiffy Steamer (JIF1)?
49.   How many times are the Teflon Coated Grid Plates (GPT) coated?
50.   Have you heard of a “Martin” Pressing machine?
51.   Does your Velvet Board (VB1) actually consist of metal pins?
52.   How do you put the Front or Rear Clamp Pad and Cover on the Suzie machine?
53.   Why wointo an existing uld a water gun (WG1, WG2, CIS2) burst if it were installed pressing station location?
54.   Is your Spray Starch/Sizing (SIZ1) and artificial starch/sizing?
55.   What is the difference between natural sizings vs. an artificial sizing?
56.   Can you machine-wash the Insulated Head Covers (IHC-)?
57.   Can you adjust the spray pattern on the Water Gun (WG1, WG2)?
58.   What is he thickness of the basket on your basket scales (SCA-)?
59.   How should the Insulated Head Covers (IHC) be cleaned ?
60.   What is the maximum temperature that the Cissell ACA1000 (IRN1) will get up to?
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