Wedding Gown Boxes & Bag Covers


Wedding Dress Preservation Boxes Keep Wedding Gowns In Pristine Condition.

We know your customers trust you to take great care of their most important garments when they bring wedding dresses or christening gowns into your store for preservation. At Cleaner’s Supply, we offer only the most reliable, top-of-the-line bridal gowns and wedding dress boxes for storage that you can trust with your customers’ valued possessions. Whether you need to preserve a wedding dress, heirloom garment, christening gown, or another cherished article of clothing, Wedding Dress Boxes and Wedding Gown Boxes are the perfect way to keep protect them and keep them safe from damage and looking as flawless as the day they were worn. Choose from our high-quality Acid-Neutral, Acid-Free, and Lignin-Free boxes to maintain that “new-from-the-store” look while in long-term storage.