Museum Quality Lignin-Free Confirmation Boxes - 20" x 19" x 6" - 3/Pack

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Choose From 3 Levels Of Archival Boxes

Many factors can cause garments to oxidize and turn yellow over a period of time. Keeping garments protected in a safe environment can prolong the life of cherished items. At Cleaner's Supply, we offer three levels of archival storage boxes for your customers. Choose from Acid-Neutral, Acid-Free, and Lignin-Free gown preservation boxes.


Acid-Neutral Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Acid-Neutral Gown Boxes

These Acid-Neutral wedding gown boxes have no protection against becoming acidic. They're ideal for when longer-term storage is not required. 

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Acid-Free Bridal Gown Storage Box

Acid-Free Gown Boxes

Acid-Free wedding dress boxes have an additive that protects the board against acid absorption. However, they do contain lignin, a substance found in wood pulp that will become acidic over a period of time.

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Lignin-Free  Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Lignin-Free Gown Boxes

These archival storage boxes are made from a material that does not contain lignin and will not break down and become acidic over time. All three layers of their corrugate board are made from lignin-free material, offering the highest level of protection.

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How to Package a Gown using Museum Quality Boxes

You’ve chosen the best with Museum Quality Wedding Gown Boxes—now it’s time to pack it like a pro! Whether you’re new to gown preservation or just need a quick refresher, we’ll walk you through the steps to pack a Museum Quality Wedding Gown Box in this handy video tutorial. Learn about the accessories included with your box (including acid-free tissue paper, a bust form, an outer box, and a customer care card) and how to best package gowns and accessories for wedding dress preservation that will last for years to come.

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Wedding Dress Preservation Boxes | Bridal Gown Storage Box

Museum Quality Wedding Gown Boxes Keep Dresses Pristine

Designed for protection in every layer of packaging, Museum Quality Wedding Gown Boxes truly live up to their name. Many factors can cause a fabric to become discolored or damaged in storage (dust, light moisture, etc.), but what sets Museum Quality Boxes apart are their extra protections against acid, which can occur when paper products like tissue paper or cardboard break down over time. These archival preservation boxes are made of lignin-free archival grade board throughout the entire box, meaning the material will not break down or become acidic over time. All three layers of the corrugated board are lignin-free and the board is buffered to protect against migrating acids. Each box also includes lignin-free tissue paper to cushion the fabric, a muslin box liner for added protection, cotton gloves for handling the fabric, and care instruction cards for your customers—everything you need for the perfect presentation that will last for years to come.