Cleaner's Supply #1 Open Premium Safety Pins - 1 1/16" - 1,440/Box

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Our Best-Selling, Heavy Duty Safety Pins Get The Job Done.

No Lost Tags

Loose heads cause pins to open during the cleaning process which leads to tags falling off. These strong safety pins heads are secure, and so are your tags.

Cleaner's Supply Safety Pins

Prevent Snagging

These safety pins for clothes have ends that should feel fairly smooth, allowing them to penetrate fabrics without snagging. Super-sharp tips make tagging easy.

Cleaner's Supply Safety Pins

Safe For All Cleaning

Cleaner’s Supply Safety Pins are extremely durable, heavy duty safey pins with rust-resistant nickel plating to withstand the cleaning process.

Cleaner's Supply Safety Pins

Cleaner’s Supply Industrial Safety Pins Are #1 And Holding Strong.

Not all safety pins are created equal—Cleaner’s Supply Premium Industrial Safety Pins stand out from the rest! Our best-selling heavy duty Safety Pins offer superior durability, toughness, and sharpness to ensure that you can work efficiently. We’ve thought of everything: from extra-sharp tips that pierce materials without snagging to rust-resistant nickel plating and heads that stay tightly secured. Cleaner’s Supply super strong safety pins can withstand all cleaning processes and are durable enough to reuse over and over. Choose from three sizes of Safety Pins ( #1, #2, or #3) to make clothing tagging a breeze.

Heavy-Duty Safety Pins Available in 3 Popular Sizes.

Safety Pins Size #1

Size 1 Safety Pins

.030 Gauge Steel 1 Inch Safety Pins. Actual Size: 1 1/16”

Safety Pins Size #2

Size 2 Safety Pins

.036 Gauge Steel Safety Pins. Actual Size: 1 ½”

Safety Pins Size #3

Size 3 Safety Pins

.040 Gauge Steel 2 Inch Safety Pins. Actual Size: 2”