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Give Laundered Items A Professional Finish With Hot Head Press Pads.

We know how important a reliable Press Pad is for professional laundry pressing in your store. That’s why Cleaner’s Supply provides you with only the highest quality Hot Head Press Pads and Covers to ensure the best results for your customers’ laundered garments. Our SUPERFAST Hot Head Press Pads are manufactured with thick, resilient foam that absorbs impressions to reduce wrinkles and creases. Plus, these press pads feature a heavy flannel layer and a mesh bottom that prevent the pad from drying out. For Hot Head Presses, we also offer Replacement Flannel Pads to help maintain the pressing quality over time. Hot Head Steel Base Pads are made of durable, versatile crimped stainless steel and aluminum that allows the pad to return to its original shape after each press, reducing the chance of creasing and button breaks. Shop here to find the right Press Pad for your Hot Head Presses and ensure even heating and crisp finishing on your customers' laundered items.