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When it comes to Tailoring, you've come to the right place. Whatever you need, we have it. And probably in more sizes, options and colors than you want!

Need a Button? We have every kind of Button from Army Buttons to Uniform Buttons, and everything in-between, for Shirts, Blouses, Pants, Suits, Overcoats, and many more. We even have Button Storage Cabinets and an assortment of Button Trays and other Button Accessories.

Besides Buttons we have a selection of Snaps, Snap Fasteners, Snap Repair Kits and Tools; Hook & Eyes for Skirts/Pants/Coats/Gowns & Furs; Pant Closures;  Jean Rivets; Grommets and an assortment of Snap/Grommet & Eyelet Pliers.

How about some Thread. We have name-brands like: Gütermann; Coats; Mettler®; and Maxi-Lock®, for any and all sewing projects from Blind Stitching to Upholstering, and Types of Thread from Cotton to Wax Silamide and even Nomex® Fire Retardant Thread. We also have Thread Racks that hold from 33 to 120 spools.

We carry a HUGE ASSORTMENT of Interlining & Interfacing; Linings; Shoulder Pads; Bra Accessories; Bindings; Hem Facings; Tailoring Tapes; Hook & Look Fasteners; Elastics & Belting; Elbow Patches; Sewing Notions; and Dress Forms—for Men, Women & Children. We also have a full-line of Drapery Accessories.

Did you say that you needed a Sewing Needle? We have Organ® Industrial Machine Needles for any sewing project and for most industrial machines used today. We also have a selection for Home Sewing Machines and Hand Sewing.  And don't forget Bobbins and Cases!

We have a great selection of Scissors, Shears and Thread Clippers, and all are top-quality name-brands like: Mundial®; Wiss®; Gingher®; Thrifty® and Gold Seal®. We also have Scissor Sharpeners, Seam Rippers, Specialty Tailoring Tools, Tape Measures, Tailors Rulers, and several types and colors of Wax & Clay Tailors Chalk and Pencils.

And I haven't even mentioned Zippers! We have OVER 2,500 to choose from, all types, lengths and colors!

There are HUNDREDS of products that we don't have the room to list. But please check out our complete line of Tailoring Products. You will be amazed!

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