Fasteners, Buckles & Eyelets for Sewing

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Eyelets, Hook & Eyes, Buckles, and More Fasteners From Cleaner’s Supply.

Find the closure you need for your projects with Fasteners, Buckles, and Eyelets from Cleaner’s Supply. No matter what style of closure you’re using, you’re sure to find what you need right here. Browse our selection of Buckles to find a good fit for belts, garments, bags, backpacks, and more. For a more lightweight but secure closure, shop Hooks & Eyes—a great choice for blouses, dresses, lingerie, and even pants and skirts. Try Rivets to secure multiple layers of fabric with a finished look, or choose from a variety of Eyelets and Grommets to reinforce a hole for laces, straps, handles, and more. For drawstring closures, check out our Cord Locks & Stops to keep drawstrings pulled tight. Or, choose from even more Miscellaneous Closures including swivel hooks, D-rings, slide adjusters, and many more.