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Bra Cups, Bra Strap Slides, Elastic Lingerie And More Tailoring Accessories.

For bras, gowns, lingerie, swimsuits, and more, try out Bra Cups and Accessories from Cleaner’s Supply. We have everything you need to add support and shape to garments of all sizes, plus high-quality elastic, hardware, and other accessories perfect for a variety of garments. Choose from Serged and Non-Serged Bra Cups in several commonly used shapes and colors for functional and comfortable bras, swimwear, gowns, and more. Our high-quality Lingerie Elastic is soft against the skin, designed to be comfortable to wear. For hardware, choose from strap hooks, strap slides and rings, bra clips, underwire, hook & eye tape, swimsuit hooks, and more. Plus, browse our Bra Accessories for even more helpful sewing notions like millinery wire, bra back replacements, coverups, and more.