Measuring & Marking Tools


Fabric Marking and Measuring Tools For Tailoring And More.

Before you cut or sew, make sure your fabric is ready to go! At Cleaner’s Supply, we have everything you need to mark and measure fabrics and garments of all shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide variety of Measuring and Marking Tools for tailoring, alterations, and more. For fabric marking, check out our selection of fabric marking tools, including Tailor’s Chalk, Marking Pens, Marking Pencils, and more. Hold fabrics in place using Fabric Clips and Pins, and use a Dress Form to see the fit and drape of a garment as you work. Trace and cut pattern pieces with Pattern Papers and Pattern Tools. Take accurate measurements with Tape Measures, Rulers, and Sewing Gauges, including Tailor’s Rulers. Plus, keep track of your orders with our sequentially numbered Alteration and Repair Tags. Browse all of our Measuring and Marking Tools here to find everything you need to ensure accurate measurements and visible marking on your fabrics.