Bridal Keepsafe Gold Acid-Neutral Wedding Gown Boxes - 30" x 21" x 8" - 3/Pack

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Three Styles of Bridal Gown Boxes

Acid-Neutral Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Acid-Neutral Gown Boxes

Sturdy acid-neutral wedding dress boxes. These gown boxes are made from durable board with a neutral pH, meaning they’re non-acidic. The board contains lignin, a naturally occurring material in wood pulp, which can become acidic over an extended period of time. These gown boxes have no protection against becoming acidic.

Acid-Free Bridal Gown Storage Box

Acid-Free Gown Boxes

Acid-Free wedding dress boxes have an additional protection against acid absorption. These pH-neutral storage boxes have a treated base pad, top, and window designed to prevent the board from becoming acidic over a longer period of time.

Lignin-Free  Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Lignin-Free Gown Boxes

Archival-quality storage boxes are made from a material that does not contain lignin and will not break down and become acidic over time. That’s why these wedding gown storage boxes have been used even by curators and museum professionals to store garments. Lignin-Free Boxes don’t have a window, and come with unbuffered tissue paper that’s also lignin-free.

Wedding Dress Preservation Boxes | Bridal Gown Storage Box

Preserve Wedding Dresses For a Lifetime with Bridal Boxes

Ensure that your customers’ gowns stay in pristine condition for years to come with our quality-made Bridal Boxes. Whether you need to preserve a wedding dress, heirloom garment, christening gown, or another cherished garment, Bridal Boxes are the perfect way to keep gowns safe from damage and looking as flawless as the day they were worn. These archival storage boxes protect garments from damage and discoloration caused by light, dust, moisture, and acid while in storage for long periods. Bridal Boxes shut securely to keep out potentially harmful light, dust, and debris and are made from the best materials with protective qualities to ensure that garments last a lifetime. Our Acid-Neutral, Acid-Free, and Lignin-Free dress storage boxes are made from high-quality materials designed to prevent fabrics from yellowing and becoming brittle over time. Bridal Boxes are just what you need to make long-term gown and wedding dress storage safe and ensure your customers’ most treasured garments are well-protected.