Bridal Keepsafe White Acid-Free Wedding Gown Boxes - 30" x 21" x 8" - 3/Pack

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Choose From 3 Levels Of Archival Boxes

Many factors can cause garments to oxidize and turn yellow over a period of time. Keeping garments protected in a safe environment can prolong the life of cherished items. At Cleaner's Supply, we offer three levels of archival storage boxes for your customers. Choose from Acid-Neutral, Acid-Free, and Lignin-Free gown preservation boxes.


Acid-Neutral Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Acid-Neutral Gown Boxes

These Acid-Neutral wedding gown boxes have no protection against becoming acidic. They're ideal for when longer-term storage is not required. 

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Acid-Free Bridal Gown Storage Box

Acid-Free Gown Boxes

Acid-Free wedding dress boxes have an additive that protects the board against acid absorption. However, they do contain lignin, a substance found in wood pulp that will become acidic over a period of time.

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Lignin-Free  Wedding Gown Preservation Box

Lignin-Free Gown Boxes

These archival storage boxes are made from a material that does not contain lignin and will not break down and become acidic over time. All three layers of their corrugate board are made from lignin-free material, offering the highest level of protection.

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How To Assemble A Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box

Before you start packing garments in a Bridal Keepsafe Box, you might need to assemble the box first. Luckily, we’ve got this handy instructional video to walk you through it! Starting with the body of the box, we’ll show you how to cleanly fold and secure each of the box’s components without any hassle. Once the assembly is complete, your quality Bridal Keepsafe Box will be all set for your next gown preservation.

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How to Pack A Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box

You’ve cleaned and inspected your customer’s garment, and chosen a high-quality Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box to protect it in storage. Now all that’s left to do is pack it up! In this step-by-step video tutorial, we’ll show you how to expertly pack a Bridal Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box for wedding dress preservation. Using the included acid-free tissue paper and bust form, you’ll be able to cushion and protect layers of the gown while maintaining the attractive presentation your customers will appreciate for years to come.

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Keepsafe Bridal Gown Boxes

Keepsafe Bridal Boxes Protect Gowns For Years To Come

When it comes to wedding gown preservation, you need a box that you and your customers can trust. Keepsafe Bridal Boxes are just what you need. Their elegant look, sturdy construction, and protective qualities have made Keepsafe Bridal Boxes our most popular bridal gown storage box, trusted by customers for years. These wedding dress preservation boxes are made with either acid-neutral or acid-free materials to help protect your customers’ most treasured garments in long-term storage. Choose these acid-neutral and acid-free boxes for wedding dresses, christening gowns, heirloom garments, and more. In addition to the durable outer box, our Keepsafe Bridal Boxes include acid-free tissue paper, a bust form, and a helpful customer care card, so you have everything you need for flawless, professional presentation.